Monday, March 12, 2007

UMass stats pack

For those that really care... I'm sure I'll come around. The funny thing is I wanted not to sweat Selection Sunday. I didn't mean not having a chance to make it!
Minutemen stats pack

UMass hasn't been the same since Calapari left them for the NBA (which failed). They went through 2 coaches before seeming to find a good one.

Led by former Kentucky guard Travis Ford, UMass put together a pretty good year going 23-8. Their lack of quality wins kept them out of the NCAAs (only one of note was the win at Louisville). They went 13-3 in conference.

I saw them play once... back in December... for about 2 minutes. Then I realized there was another game on Full Court so I tuned out so I know little about them.

- .476 FG, .341 3PT FG, and .619 FT (That's AUful)
- Rebound margin of +8
- 16 turnovers a game and they average 77PPG
- 4 starters average double digits in points

Life is their 3 pt specialist (at a 38% clip). Their 2 top scorers earn their keep from the inside (Freeman and Lasme).
I'll pass on the prediction. I never thought we'd be in the NIT this year. Baseball season starts in 3 weeks.

Gametime is Tuesday at 9:30 EST on ESPN

Oh yeah... a NIT bracket for your viewing pleasure. If we survive UMass I think there's a serious asskicking coming to West Virginia (a team I think should've been in the NCAA... over Illinois, Stanford, and Purdue for sure).


Hville said...

If there's any consolation, at least API didn't get in.

I just hope we don't embarrass ourselves in a true road game. Then again, it is the NIT, so not many people will be watching.

Alias said...

Please be sure to post the final score here. TIA.

Alias said...

BTW, what happened to those nasty M$U fans? I see they are in the NIT too. "Those pilgrims don't look too proud now." I think Clint Eastwood said that.

Not that I want to reward their behavior earlier here on this blog, but I was hoping M$U would get an invite to the big dance. I think they could compete and would have represented the conference well. I think they finished strong too and I hoped that would count on their behalf.

My sincere condolences to the M$U fans. I really do think your team had earned its shot.

bobbyjack said...

This year the NIT was actually picky.. no LSU, Barn, or the 2 time defending champs South Carolina.
I don't have a good feeling about the game.
As for Miss State... they had no chance of making it short of winning the SECT. I do believe they'll make it further than us in the NIT.

Anonymous said...

m$u did not deserve an NCAA bid. Did they even end up with 20 wins? I think their RPI was in the 60's. I'm glad they were left out.

They recruit against us, I don't want them to be able to point to making the tourney...not that it matters either way with their recruiting practices. Screw them.