Friday, April 06, 2007

Gillispie and Huggins bail Big 12 and some comments

Billy Gillispie is the new HC at Kentucky while Bob Huggins bails after a year in Manhattan (KS) for Morgantown, WV.

Instead of giving you links to their moves I thought it would be better to give you links to A&M, Kentucky, Kansas State, and West Virginia messageboards.

Texas A&M Scout board (Basketball). They're just a tad pissed off.
Kentucky messageboard (rivals version was down). They're generally happy.
Kansas State Scout board (Basketball). I don't blame the fanbase for being pissed.
West Virginia Scout board (Basketball). They seemed fired up about Huggie Bear.

What good is a contract when coaches come and go as they please? If I was under contract and tried to leave my company for another I'd be sued or at the very least face some serious scrutiny. Why bother to write up a contract when a coach is going to leave the program high and dry after a few years. That is what Huggins did to Kansas State and to a lesser degree what Gillispie did to A&M. I know Gillispie verbally agreed to a contract extension just last week so technically he's less slimy, but in the end he did slither out of College Station in a similar fashion to Huggins.

It's hypocritical that coaches can up and leave as they please yet the student-athletes they recruited are stuck. I truly believe that if a coach leaves the program the players he recruited should have the opportunity to transfer. My exceptions would be transfering to a school in the same conference or following the coach to his new school.

So now Arkansas, Kansas State, and Texas A&M have coaching slots to fill. I'm thinking Gregg Marshall will go to Arkansas and A&M will hire one of Gillispie's assistants to fill their void.

What about Kansas State? I wouldn't be surprised if CMG's name wasn't one of the names bounced around for the gig. Why would I say that... well here's a couple of reasons:

1) Kansas State cares more about basketball. They just do. CMG wouldn't have to play 2nd fiddle to football.
2) The growing pressure here and the possibility for a change of scenery. Note CMG's responses to some of the criticism directed towards him this year.

I don't think this comes to fruition, but truth be told I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

EDIT- Kansas State hires assistant Frank Martin. The A&M job is still available.

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