Monday, April 09, 2007

Pelphrey to become next Arkansas coach

I knew they could do better than Altman and IMO they did. Alias is crying in his chocolate milk right now. :)

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Many believed Pelphrey was waiting on the Kentucky job, but since that didn't work out he took the next best basketball job in the SEC (sorry, Florida is a great job now, but hasn't always been).

Pelphrey should win right out of the gate... Stan Heath brought in some talented players and they should be the SEC West favorite (and probably the SEC favorite overall). Good hire by the Hogs... even though they went to plan H... eheh.

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Alias said...

Those who told me Pelphrey was not deemed sufficiently seasoned by the decision makers in Lexington apparently were right. What is really bad for our program but is really good for the SEC is that Pelphrey is a good coach who should win and win big at a school like Arkansas. If our coach can get focused, the two annual Bama-Arkansas matchups could again become one of the premier rivalries in this part of the country. The Bama-M$U game seems to have replaced that one since Heath took over.