Thursday, May 03, 2007

3 point line moved back and contract extensions

This is long overdue... maybe we'll see more fundamentals in the game (read the return of the mid range jumper) next year. Maybe a foot will detract centers from taking ill-advised outside shots.
3 Point line pushed back

Other news:
Rick Pitino signs a 3 year extension with Louisville. Really, this means absolutely nothing... he can leave Louisville at any time. Chances are he won't at his new base salary of $2.25 million per, but you never know.

Mike Brey also gets an extension... for 2 years. With him I suspect he'll bolt for greener pastures if he has a good tournament run with the Irish. I don't think he's anything special as a coach so I predict he'll be in South Bend until they fahr him.

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Hville said...

You left out the most important thing. Perhaps this may help decrease our opponents 3pt percentage, since it seems we get every opponents best 3pt game. :)