Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alias Answers!

BH posted below about the absence of Basketball coverage in the State of Alabama. As he indicated, that was one of the primary reasons I wanted to participate in this effort. If there were people out there who really knew what they were doing and were earning a living bringing us information about Bama Basketball, then this site would be unnecessary.

Instead, we have become so relevant that we have provoked insults from M$U fans. I suppose the API group will come here to insult us too, once they learn of the existence of electricity and computers. I've also seen posts on other fan sites stating that this blog is perhaps THE best source for information on Bama Basketball. Way to go, BH and H'ville!

This time last year I would have been scouring web sites and contacting students to find out what I could about our new and returning players. But I have to confess that CMG's performance last year took so much wind out of my sails that I don't really want to pay attention to basketball again until we start to get reports from the "volunteer" off-season workouts and Rec Center pickup games. Until I see some evidence of real improvement (not just these trumped up reports on new recruits like we've received on everybody
from Lucky Williams to M. Riley) will I put myself emotionally at risk.

For the remainder of the summer the European Pro Cycling Tour is a much more entertaining waste of my time. I am enjoying learning more about the sport, interacting with the fans, and interacting with the riders and commentators. (Yes, some of them actually do respond to inquiries from novices like me.)

So someone please give me a call when you think it's really time to pay attention again. Maybe CMG will learn something about coaching while he's with that group in Brazil this summer. I sure hope so.

That's all I can share in public. Keep those cowbells clangin'!

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