Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Diploma Mills in trouble and various college basketball news

The NCAA is going to heavily scritinize diploma mills. I say it's about time... it's really not hard to get into college if you have a "marketable" athletic skill.

In case you missed this... Jeffrey Jordan (son of Air) plans on attending Illinois. Man does he have some expectations to fill. Hopefully the press won't constantly compare him to his dad.

Memphis has really beefed up their non-conference schedule. They have to as Conference USA is a joke. Regardless... Calapari isn't ducking anybody.

From rolltide.com, Buck Johnson heading to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. I remember him best with the Houston Rockets.


Hville said...

Comments on all 4 items:

I hope the degree mill crackdown is going to be more than a slap on the wrist. College athletics has really abused the academic world, and the chance to go to obtain a higher education should be monumental, but in many cases it is just a hinderance to the next level. I personally wished that athletic sholarships would go away, but that is another soapbox.

Since Jordan is walking on, his story resembles that of Jaeson Maravich. Perhaps it will work out better for him than Jaeson.

Memphis schedule: yikes!

And excellent news for Buck. He definitely deserves it.

bobbyjack said...

My issue with athletic scholarships is how lax the admission is for them. As a non-athlete, try getting into Southern Cal with a 700 SAT and report the results. :)

Alas, in the end the athletic department for the most part is the engine behind the university.