Thursday, May 10, 2007

ESPN's best teams of the last decade

ESPN ranks the top teams of the past decade

Joe Lunardi is on crack... not having the 2004 UConn team on his list is almost criminal. Then again, his bracketology picks haven't been so hot the past couple of years.

My top 10 the past decade:
1) UConn 2004- they crushed our hopes of a Final Four.
2) Florida 2007- lost more games than they should've, but dominated when it counted.
3) North Carolina 2005- Loaded with talent... Illinois picked the wrong year to face them.
4) Illinois 2005- went undefeated to the last game of the regular season if memory serves me right.
5) Kentucky 1998- Tubby's 1st year.
6) Syracuse 2003- Carmelo's only year.
7) Maryland 2002- a team of destiny... Dixon and Blake got Coach SweatsALot his 1st title.
8) Michigan State 2000- they played in the most boring Final Four eva!
9) Duke 1999- Even though UConn beat them in the championship game, they would've won 3 of 4 against the Huskies.
10) Stanford 2004- early exit in tourney shouldn't diminish their remarkable season.

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