Saturday, May 19, 2007

General thoughts on the lack of Alabama basketball coverage...

... by the Alabama media. The funny (sad) thing is I can read more about the Alabama basketball team from the AJC (Atlanta) or some of the dedicated basketball websites (links to your right) than from the local media. Don't believe me... look at this link and note the last article written.

Subscription websites for the most part give at best token coverage. The exception to that is They do the best job of the big Alabama boards at basketball coverage. You normally get more basketball info from the users on the other sites. While I realize that football talk drives Crimson Tide subscription sites, I think some of them are missing the boat by giving basketball "token" coverage.

Who's to blame for this? Is it lazy beat writers? A poor PR department? A lack of effort from the head coach to promote the game in the state? Or is it all of the above? I go with all of the above... ranking them in the order of my questions.

College basketball is big time in most parts of the country... while I'm not delusional enough to say it can be as big as it is in North Carolina and Kentucky, basketball can be more than something to fill in the time between football season. IMO this is a promotion failure by the University. It obviously doesn't help that the basketball team stunk it up last year, but still... you'd figure someone would be reporting on what changes (or lack of changes) are in store for next season.

I started this website a little over a year ago with the intent of giving folks a place to find articles about Alabama and their opponents as well as some semi-educated commentary from Alias, Hville, and yours truly. I think between the 3 of us we do ok. Actually, I'll be a little bold... we do better than ok.

Note- this is a multi-day compilation post so if it sounds scattered... well, it probably is.


Hville said...

Your post hints around at the major lull of Bama basketball news this offseason, due to the heat CMG is feeling.

"Normally, Bama basketball fans would be talking about the off-season conditioning and the incoming Freshmen, since there would normally be on-campus sightings of these guys this time of year. Since the coaching staff stunk up the season as bad as they did, these two things have become the un-spoken subjects. Thanks, Coach Gottfried, our basketball team is officially irrelevant."

Anyway, I truly hope CMG will rebound this year and our off-season aspirations (recruits on campus, workouts, and 08 recruiting) will be back.

bobbyjack said...

My thought process is since we did underachieve, the local media would be on CMG and staff asking what went wrong and maybe getting some info on off-season conditioning, etc. I know if would be asking those questions and then some... but then again I actually care about basketball.

I shudder at the thought of regressing back to a perenial NIT squad. With the SEC becoming more competitive top to bottom it's a real possibility.

AL C. Hemist said...

Hey guys. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your coverage of Alabama basketball.

I actually have a couple of questions.

Any thoughts on Ronald Steele's injury/surgery/recovery, and do you think Rico Pickett will have any impact next year? Can picket play the 2 guard? Also, is Steele's brother being recruited by Alabama?

bobbyjack said...

Steele's recovery: Everything I read/heard points to a full recovery. Saying that, I have reservations on whether we'll see the RS of 2005-06 season. I hope CMG relieves him more with Hollinger and Torrance next season.

I don't know much about Pickett to be honest with you... I'm not big on recruiting so maybe Hville can answer that. Looking at the depth chart I figure he sits behind BH and Torrance... to start the season.

As for Andrew Steele... if I were to guess I think he ends up somewhere beside Alabama. It's a hunch on my part.
Here's a link to an article about him:
Steele lists his schools

Thanks for the kind words... the check is in the mail :)