Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh yeah... CMG selected to Pan-Am games staff

“I think it’s just a tremendous honor,” said Gottfried who has coached Alabama to some of the program’s greatest moments in basketball, the 2004 Elite Eight, the 2002 Southeastern Conference Championship, a No. 1 national ranking, five NCAA tournament appearances and three NIT trips in nine seasons as Alabama’s head coach. “To represent your country is such a privilege, and to be around the best players in the nation as well is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve always respected USA Basketball. I have been a fan of international play, and I am extremely excited about this opportunity.”

We all know is a slick ploy to check out Brazilian babes in thongs

Congrats to CMG... that's a big honor. Maybe he can pick Jay Wright's brain while he's down there.

The above snippet from the article bothers me a little. Who in their right mind boasts about 3 NIT appearances? That's like the football program touting their 2 Independence Bowl berths this century. What?


Hville said...

I get a kick every time I see the #1 ranking comment as well, especially since it was for <1 week, before we got trashed @Utah. Sure it's something to be proud of, but the way we "defended" it, was rather disgraceful.

bobbyjack said...

We do make a little too much about those 7 days as #1. We started out with a bang beating OU in NYC... I really thought that was going to be a special year.

Going from memory I thought we played Utah close before losing.

Now I have to replay that season all over again: