Friday, May 11, 2007

Seton Hall gets a new home, Calapari article, and other stuff

The Meadowlands (AKA- Continental Airlines Arena) has the ambiance of a wake so this is good news for the Seton Hall Pirates. The bad news is now they're in Newark (not far from their campus, but still... Newark is a dump) and they share it with the NHL's New Jersey Devils.
Seton Hall to share home with NJ Devils

John Calapari is using the formula that worked at UMass at his current job. Makes sense. Bold prediction on my part... Memphis will play for the National Title in 2008.
Calapari using familiar formula for success

Since this is the slow season for college hoops talk, from time to time (like once a week max) I'll put up some MLB stuff. I supposedly have press passes (I'll know more in 2 weeks) to all the Atlanta Braves home games so I might get more insight than what you normally read. Again, we shall see how it works out and how often I can make it to Turner Field.

If Alias and Hville are up to it... maybe they can educate us on cycling. My thoughts about cyclists are simple... you're not an automoblie... don't ride like you own the lane. :)

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