Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Article on concerning Ronald Steele's status

There was an update on players on campus, including all three newcomers.

And most important, there was encouraging news about Ronald Steele. Steele, the Crimson Tide’s all-star point guard who was mostly a bench-warmer in his junior season. Following Bama’s disappointing 20-12 season, Steele had arthrscopic surgery on both knees. On April 3 Dr. Lyle Cain of the famed Dr. Jim Andrews surgical team repaired small cartilage defects in both knees.

“We’re coming up on 10 weeks since Ron Steele had surgery on both knees,” Gottfried said. “We got a report from Dr. Jim Andrews and Dr. Lyle Cain. Jim Andrews said Ron is doing very well. Ron has been released to do a little more -- shooting and light jogging. He is upbeat and positive. It is real encouraging. He is such a leader, the heart and soul of our team.”


Hopefully we get the Ronald Steele of the 05-06 season... we shall see.

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Hville said...

I'm just glad that CMG isn't ducking the press. He needs to get back into PR mode to sell the product again...