Saturday, June 09, 2007

Counting down the top 10 coaches in the SEC... #7

This is not like counting down the 12 best coaches in the ACC or Big East... there's a huge underbelly in this conference.

- Coach $tan$bury (M$U) - He does seem to be a pretty good coach on the floor, but he cheats too much to merit real consideration.

I actually think $tan$bury does a good job of keeping his talent on the floor with enough discipline to have achieved considerable success both within and without the SEC. It's difficult enough to persuade young people to sacrifice for something bigger than themselves in the world today. It must be even more difficult when money is the only reason the best players are there. I suppose that doesn't make it any easier to motivate the blue collar players who are not being paid either.

If all the rumors are true, then $tan$bury must be a pretty good coach. I'd sort of like to see him coach in an environment that was not tainted by the rumors of paying players and where the school and its location were not such a hindrance to recruiting. I suspect he would do quite well. But neither of those factors exists, so I had to evaluate him based on what he has done where he is.

Bamahoops- Andy Kennedy (Ole Manning)- he did a good job with Barnes' bunch, but he's only been in the SEC one year. Finishing 2nd in the SEC West was a major surprise... mostly because LSU, Arkansas, and Alabama sucked eggs most of the year, but still it's an accomplishment. The jury's still out if he's an upgrade over Rod Barnes. I do know he's accomplished more in a year than Felton has in 4.

- Dave Odom (South Carolina) - At least he's won 2 NITs and coached Tim Duncan. (note- I mistakenly flip-flopped Hville's list at 7 and 8... corrected).

Other news (I'm too lazy to create a new post)
- Kobie Baker has officially been named as an assistant coach on CMG's staff. Yes, this has been rumored for 2 months. I still maintain this was an underwhelming hire, but hey... maybe it'll work out. Here's your link.

- The Orlando Magic granted Eddie Munster... uh.. Billy Donovan his release to return to the Gators (link). I think this seals the deal that Donovan will be in Gainesville for a long, long time. That's good for college basketball.

- Cyrus (achy breaky heart) McGowan transfers from Arkansas. He wasn't going to get PT next year so it was probably best for him.

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