Friday, June 08, 2007

Counting down the top 10 SEC coaches in the SEC... #8

I think the three of us are going to agree on the worst (Felton) and the best. The rest is open for interpretation.

- John Brady - He could be up with the unrated group but for his Final Four run. He keeps his talent in state and has a hot wife. That's the list of positive things I know that I can say about him.

- Jeff Lebo- I'd like to rank him higher, but the fact remains that Auburn sucks. Lebo is a good X and O coach with no real talent to execute his gameplan. He coud move up the list next year. If he does, chances are he'll be in a new college town.

- Andy Kennedy (Ole Miss) - deserves credit for this year, but he benefitted from our complete and total collapse.


Alias said...

Hey, at least I said something nice about the guy!

Anonymous said...

Brady has a face only a mother could love and Lebo sucks!

Alias said...

Hey, anonymous, with contributions like that you should register and become a regular poster. You'd probably fit right in. :)

bobbyjack said...

I'd love Brady's face if it's covered in $100s. I think that what his wife sees.