Saturday, June 02, 2007

Decatur Daily interview with Rico Pickett

A couple of snippets:

Q: Have you talked to coach Mark Gottfried about some kind of off-season workout program?

A: Yeah, I asked him about it, but they haven't sent me one, so I'll get it when I get there.

Q: You talked about your shot. Is it the area you feel you need to most improve in?

A: Yeah, I feel like you can always improve on your shot. That's one of my biggest things. That and defense, but right now it's just working on my shot.

Q: Why did you choose Alabama in the first place?

A: Coach Gottfried. He seems like he would be a great coach to play for, by me just talking to him. It seems like he would be someone who I would enjoy playing for. Also, just the atmosphere in Tuscaloosa. I like how the fans get into it. And it is a good school to get a good education.

Pickett talks to the Decatur Daily

I really wish someone from the staff would've sent him an off-season S&C plan. I have to assume we got one... right? I do like how Pickett gives CMG the most credit for why he wanted to play here. Also, him understanding he could be a bench player to start is nice... and more than likely he will be unless we go to a 3 guard lineup (which is possible).

A good read... I know nothing about Pickett as a player, but he seems to say the right things. Oh yeah, kudos to Josh Cooper for writing something about the basketball team during the dead season. I for one appreciate it.

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Hville said...

Good article, especially for a slow time of year for Bama Hoops. Other than the Tuscaloosa News, I have always thought that the Decatur Daily has always given Alabama a fair shake as far as the media is concerned. They really did a decent job covering Hendrix when he was at Athens also.

I agree, knowing that everyone is is (allegedly) working on S&C right now, Pickett not being on one is only going to hamper him making an impact this year. Who knows, maybe he will be the SEC Freshman of the Year....