Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ranking the SEC Basketball HCs... #4

The Final Four... whoohoo. Again, we can't agree on anything.

- Rick Stansbury (M$U)- As much as I hate placing him here, he is a good in-game coach, and keeps State as a legitimate threat almost every year. Here's hoping to a death penalty in the near future.

-Bruce Pearl (Tennessee)- At least Pearl knew to play Chris Lofton. CMG did not even have enough sense to play M. Riley!

- Kevin Stallings (Vanderbilt)- It's Vanderbilt and his teams are competitive. Vanderbilt and competitive are words not normally used in the same sentence (heck... paragraph). Besides, he totally owns CMG.

SEC News
- 2 Gators suspended on drug charges. Brandon Powell (basketball) and Brandon James (football) got busted buying weed. Oh no! Here's your link.

- UGA's Athletic Director Damon Evans comes up with an innovative way to make sure student athletes go to class. Unexcused absences get a $10 fine or game suspension. While I think it should be tweaked a little (say after 2 missed classes the fines begin) it's positively affected grades among UGA athletes. It's getting great press locally in the A.T.L.

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