Monday, June 11, 2007

Ranking the SEC basketball HCs, #6

Doesss great playersss make great coachesss? Looking at the coaches we have listed at #6 you can make that argument.

Alias- Mark Gottfried- I would have ranked him much higher before last season. He could move up considerably in my biased eyes by being even a mediocre coach this year.

Hville- Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) - In Chris Lofton we trust. He knows how to revive a program, but I think teams have figured out how to play him.

Bamahoops- Rick Stansbury (Miss St)- the last couple of years haven't gone well for him. Maybe he's making a run at Dave Odom for NIT supremacy, who knows. I think he feels the heat if the Bulldogs don't make the NCAAs next season.

Two of the coaches at #6 have slipped from 2 years ago. I suspect both of them need to make a run at either the SECT or a run in the NCAAs to keep the fanbase from turning up the flames.


Alias said...

I suppose my comment that "at least Bruce Pearl knew to play Loftin" will show up when he is my pick? :-)

Anonymous said...

$tan$bury has a job because his bankroll is large. Y'all should have him ranked last.

Alias said...

Alright, Brady's ugly mug! Are you the guy who posted here anomymously last week? Welcome!

Hville said...

It's very easy to take the low road with $tan$bury, but I decided to give hime the benifit of the doubt, even though he doesn't deserve it. What he did to get Mario Austin and Walter Sharpe has tainted Bama fans' opinion of him ever since. Luckily, Sharpe ended up not being a huge loss. Speaking of Walter Sharpe, here is one of my all-time favorite links,