Monday, July 30, 2007

The All-CMG 1st and 2nd team

Actually we (Hville and I) came up with this a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post it.

1st Team:
PG- Antoine Pettway (the best PG we've under CMG)
SG- Mo Williams (the 3rd best PG, but probably the best overal G)
SF- Rod Grizzard (when he was hot he carried the team)
PF- Erwin Dudley (the hardest working player under CMG)
PF- Chuck Davis (the 2nd hardest working player under CMG)

2nd Team:
SG- Earnest Shelton (edges out Meade due to his clutchness)
PG- Ronald Steele (agree with this year defining him)
SF- Kennedy Winston (if he stayed another year...)
PF- Richard Hendrix (a more athletic Dudley, yet not quite as good... yet)
C- Jermareo Davidson (only because Kenny Walker had the worst hands I ever saw)

1st Team
PG- Antoine Pettway (ain't nothin' but a winner!)
SG- Mo Williams (even though he played point, he really was an SG)
SF- Kennedy Winston
PF- Chuck Davis
C/F- Erwin Dudley (my favorite player under CMG)

2nd Team:
PG- Ronald Steele (his senior year is very important to his legacy)
SG- Ernest Shelton (this has been CMG's Achilles heal his entire tenure. It's not going to take much for Justin Tubbs to better the success of Terrance Meade or Travis Stinnett)
SF- Emmett Thomas (more consistent than Grizzard and Alonzo Gee, which vanished when SEC play started this season)
PF- Richard Hendrix (Gerald Wallace played out of position in college, and only for 1 year)
C/F- Kenny Walker (One of the best FT shooting big men I have seen. Jermareo Davidson barely gets edged out. I think Jemison is primed to be as good as some of our other PFs)

We agree on 4 of 5 first team and 3 of 5 2nd team.

Hville also added a biggest bust team (which I can't disagree with).
Biggest busts
G- Ray George (signed him twice, never made it on campus)
G- Glen Miles
SF- Albert Weber (Schea Cotton and Justin Jonus get honorable mention)
PF- Rodney Bias (signed him twice, never made it on campus)
C/F- Akini Adkins (Shawn Taylor a close second)

As I was posting this I thought of Verice Cloyd. While I don't think he's a bust per se, there was a lot of hoopla about him getting in... and after all that trouble he leaves after a year.


Hville said...

I was starting to wonder what your problem was. Just kidding, I had actually forgotten I had written about that. I have been in Denver on business the last week or so and will still be here through this week. That's why you haven't heard much out of me. I guess Alias never replied to you since he was fully immersed in Le Tour....

Alias said...

I have been fully immersed in le Tour. I am enjoying a week off from Tour coverage, but the doping news keeps trickling in requiring attention.

I am not particularly good at digging out these off-season information nuggets like you two are. I am just a fan who enjoys praising or lamenting his team and staff as the season progresses. If I get anything new from my student sources after classes start, I will be happy to pass them along.

BTW, my daughter finally brought me the picture she had made of herself with Demetrius Jemison and Justin Tubbs at a social event last year. She did not know who they were, only that they were on the basketball team, and she asked them to be in a picture with her to give to her dad. I'm going to keep it on my desk beside my autographed picture of Jose ("Chechu") Rubiera.

The best news of the summer is that I should still have my seats in Coleman Coliseum next year. The guy with whom I get season tickets was getting married this October. The bad news is he is no longer getting married. The good news is that some hot young woman will not be sitting in MY seats - for now.

Thanks for keeping the site running.

bobbyjack said...

Alias... you do know we're going to pressure you to get us more "inside" info from the team members themselves. J/K.

Maybe we can do an all-hustle team next.... you know... guys that busted their asses but weren't exactly the most gifted out there.