Sunday, August 19, 2007

Recruiting flashback

I don't follow recruiting, but I do find it interesting to see how it turned out a few years later. Today is a review of the 2005 class.

1) Richard Hendrix- he turned out well.
2) Yamene Coleman- the jury's still out on him. Asssuming his issues with the improper use of a student card go away I think he'll be ok.
3) Alonzo Gee- a freshman impact, a sophomore dud. I look for him to have a rebound season.
4) Ray George- who? CMG and the staff tried and tried to get him in, but in the end he wasn't bright enough to figure it out.

Overall, not bad... 2 of the 4 are starters and the 3rd (Yamene) could be a good cog off the bench.

I know this deserves it's own post, but Andrew Steele committed to Alabama. I know nothing about his basketball skills (read 1st sentence in this post), so I'll reserve judgment on him until I see him play college ball.


Hville said...

Now if we can get Green (probable) and Morgan (I feel less comfortable with, since he's from Dallas), then this will go down as CMG's best recruiting class, and one of Bama's best recruiting classes ever.

bobbyjack said...

Just read up on J'Mison Morgan... dude's a beast (6'10" 275 for those that didn't know). CMG could get some use out of him in the high post O.

Hville said...

Yeah, Morgan has 100 lbs over Shaun Taylor coming out of high school...

In other words, he is NOT a project!


bobbyjack said...

No doubt... I don't want to hear the word "project" and Alabama basketball anymore. I think we past that point a few years ago (or at least we should have).