Saturday, August 25, 2007

SEC basketball news

1) Auburn released their 2007-08 schedule. They got a pretty slacker non-conference schedule (even the great Jeff Lebo admits that) with WVU in Birmingham, Xavier at home, and George Washington in the BB&T Classic.

2) LSU prepares for a Canadian trip... eh. Maybe they'll catch Nickelback in Toronto and down a few Moltsons. They also released their 2007-08 schedule (scroll down to see it).

3) Other schedules released: South Carolina, Vanderbilt. I'll repost them all when the season gets closer.

I probably can put together most of our schedule by looking at the other SEC schedules released, but to be honest I'd rather not right now. From what I gathered 6 of the last 9 are on the road so if we're to have a chance at the big dance we got to start off SEC play at 5-2 or better.


PA Finest said...

Yes. 6 of our last nine are on the road. it's going to suck.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks for your updates. They've been very insightful.