Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some SEC basketball schedules released

Florida, Ole Miss, and Tennessee have released their 2007-2008 basketball schedules. Links to them below:

Ole Miss

Tentative Georgia schedule

Tennessee's non-conference schedule is pretty stout with Xavier, Gonzaga, Memphis, and the Legends Classic tournament, Florida's schedule is surprising easy with Ohio State being the only big name on the schedule (Temple sucks right now), and Ole Miss has the San Juan Shootout and a bunch of cupcakes. Actually, the San Juan Shootout isn't all that impressive.

I'm sure most have seen this already, but I'll post it here anyways... Dukie V released his all Rolls Royce team last week. Steele and Hendrix made the cut. I'm sure both of them were yelling, "IT'S AWESOME WITH A CAPITAL 'A' BABEE!"

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Hville said...

The Dwayne Schintzius photos never get old...

The mullet from hell!!!!