Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vols Crews suspended from team... mary jane found days before in apartment

Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl announced this evening that Duke Crews has been suspended indefinitely from the basketball team due to violations of team rules.Advertisement
"Duke is a very intelligent student-athlete but has made some poor decisions," Pearl said. "It is in his, as well as the team's, best interest that he is suspended at this time."

A sophomore forward from Hampton, Va., Crews averaged 8.4 points and 5.1 rebounds while leading the Vols in blocked shots (32) and field goal percentage (.518) as a true freshman in 2006-07.

This from

From pot found a few days before. It looks like Crews is going to be gone from the team for a while.

Also, former Arkansas guard Corey Beck was shot in face and hand, but seems to be alright.

Sorry for the lack of updates... I've been super busy with my day job.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coaching changes... 60 in all

I knew that a lot of jobs were opened and filled in college basketball, but 60? Wow.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Commentary- 2nd guessing playing Steele last season

Last season I quietly questioned playing Steele when everyone knew he was no better than 60%. Steele wanted to play because that's the type of player he is... giving it his all, but looking back did it really help the team? Many can point to the GW shot he made against UGA as helping the team (and no doubt it did), but did his being in and out of the lineup suppress the development of other players? I think so.

Did being an Ironman during the 05-06 season do a number on his knees? I have to believe it played a part. Yes, we sorely needed him as the bench was amazingly thin thanks to Jonus quitting and Chuck going down for the year against Ole Miss, but who's fault was that for not having bodies to eat 5 MPG? That still irks me.

This year we know going into it that Steele is not an option. I do not want to hear the "if Steele was healthy we'd be ____," if things don't go well. Even with Steele gone for the year I maintain that we're the 2nd most talented team in the SEC West. Unless Pelphrey is an even worse coach than Heath, Arkansas should win the West running away with Mississippi State and Alabama playing for 2nd. I still expect a return to the big dance and not another trip to the Not Invited Tournament.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ronald Steele out for the season

TUSCALOOSA | University of Alabama senior point guard Ronald Steele, who was a 2007 preseason AP All-American and a 2006 AP All-American Honorable ention, has decided to take a medical redshirt for the 2007-08 season.

“I am someone who tries to approach whatever I do with my best effort, and I know my body. At this point in time, I don’t believe I will be 100 percent by the start of practice,” said Steele, who underwent arthroscopic surgeries on both his left and right knees on April 3 and a follow-up procedure on his left knee on Aug. 23.


I knew something was up in regards to his recent surgery. This is terrible news for the team. I don't want to be a gloom and doomer, but this pretty much kills any real chance of the team making an impact in the NCAAs (or even making it).

Humor- don't go seeking autographs from rival teams

Unless you want it to read, "Red Sox suck, Shelley Duncan." At least Duncan was kind enough to sign it for the kid.

From the Boston Herald.

Nothing new on the basketball front that I know of to pass along.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Bed Time Story From The Jungle

The jungle had been in turmoil for many years and the elephants had suffered. The old game warden had died. His son who followed him had served admirably, but he had to retire to take care of his family. The herd missed the son, but they loved him and they understood why he had to leave.

The hired men who followed neither understood the jungle nor loved the elephants it protected. These men became distracted, somehow believing that the grass could be greener on the other side of the river. With no real game warden to protect them, the elephants who had dominated the forest for as long as any of the other animals could remember fell pray to the evil poachers who twisted the rules to suit their purposes. The poachers bribed the government to look the other way. They hid themselves any time an honest law enforcement officer approached. They even seduced a few of the greedier elephants with promises of unlimted access to the river and all the hay they could eat. And the herd suffered.

While these substitute game wardens slept the poachers hunted the herd, killing the bravest and strongest first because they bore the largest tusks. And the herd suffered still more.

Cut off from the lushest parts of the jungle, the elephants' bodies began to waste away while all the other animals were allowed to graze at will. The reptiles, hogs and tigers even were allowed eat their fill from the herd's territory, because there was no real game warden to protect them. The pigs came from the west and the wildcats from the north. The Tigers that lived on their east and west boundries devoured the weak and the giant reptiles ate the elephants when they went to the swamp to quench their thirst.

Not many of the mighty pachyderms survived. But those who did resolved to patiently reclaim their proper place in the forest.

Then one day the king hired a new game warden to enforce the laws of the forest, a man who appreciated the beauty and majesty of the pachyderms. This man had lived in the forest before. He had trained with the tigers and had tamed the reptiles. He knew both of their ways and how best to face and defeat them. This brave and resolute man vowed to save the elephants; to bring them back to prominence.

The new Game Warden's first steps were modest, but every elephant in the forest came to see him perform his magic. So many came that many had to be turned away at the door because the Forest Rangers were afraid they might start a fire that could harm both the forest and the elephants.

So determined was the new Game Warden that several of the younger elephants had to be tamed to cure their bad habits. One of the stonger bulls had to apologize to the herd for his ill-timed jesting. Some of the older elephants tried to creep back into the forest from their hiding place behind the waterfall, but the brave Game Warden would not allow them to contaminate the new spirit of the herd. He shoved them out of the jungle.

The new Game Warden brought food to the herd. He led them to water. He bandaged their wounds and he told them the ancient stories of their fathers who had conquered the forest time and again. He taught them discipline. He taught them determination. He taught them how to be tough and strong again. And many of the young bulls listened, believed, and followed.

As the herd was beginning to regain some of their lost weight, a group of wildcast from the east tried to invade their territory. Some of the baby bulls were afraid of the cats, but at the Warden's insistence the young adults marched forward and stomped the cats into the ground.

The warden learned that the sailors to the north had stolen some of the herd's food, so he led the elephants up there, took back the food, and sank the boats.

The rumor is that the pigs from the east are headed toward the forest to plunder the elephants' food. But the Warden has put his biggest and stongest bulls at the edge of their territory and they fully intend to send the pigs squeeling back home.

The Warden knows he likely will lose a few of his beloved bulls when the Tigers invade from the west in a few weeks. The preservation of the herd always comes at great cost. But the elephants do expect to be ready for the rifle bearing hunters from the north; and the tigers from the east no longer will feast on the herd, because the weak already have been picked off.

The Game Warden now displays a sign on his desk that reads: "The cowards never started. The weak died along the way. Only the strong made it through." The herd will survive and thrive and by following the new Game Warden the elephants soon will retake their position as the true kings of the forest.

And that, children, is how the balance of nature in the forest was restored.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Normally I leave the football stuff to the football bloggers...

... but I'm making an exception this morning. The only thing missing was another Tennessee loss.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Great Leap Forward ( article)

Alabama: Another SEC West squad that will definitely improve and get to the Big Dance this season. The Crimson Tide were extreme underachievers last season, going from preseason Top Ten team to an NIT team. Much of that could be attributed to point guard Ronald Steele’s nagging injuries that bothered him the entire season. If he is completely healthy this season, look out. Richard Hendrix is ready to dominate the SEC in the post, and wings Alonzo Gee and Mykal Riley form a dynamite duo on the perimeter. That quartet is one of the best in the country, and should be enough to carry ‘Bama to the Field of 65.

The rest can be read here.

I disagree with Clemson and Kansas State making the NCAA tournament. Until Clemson proves they can play with the big boys of the ACC their place in the NIT is cemented. As for Kansas State... while Huggins left a lot of talent in his 'spectacular' one year run, there's going to be a dropoff in leadership from Huggins to Martin.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Alabama concludes Canadian trip with 3-1 record

The Crimson Tide beat the Ottawa Bee Gees (actually the Gee Gees, although I think Ottawa should think about a name change) 88-64 Monday. The previous results are in the post below.

Hendrix led the team with 26 points on 12-19 shooting. Torrance and Gee also were in double figures.

It's good to get some of the young guys some PT as it will help them during the course of the season.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Canada tour update

I've been swamped so if this is a day late and a dollar short... :P

First the good news... Alabama beat the U of Ottawa 104-80 on 9/1. I believe the team plays them again 9/3 (probably already over). Earlier in the day, they beat Canada's McGill U 97-88. If I find more links besides the one I'll add them.

Results 9/2
Carleton came out strong and matched Alabama the entire first half. Carleton went into the intermission with a two-point lead, 36-34. In the second half, spurred on by the crowd of cheering students, the Ravens built a ten point lead at 68-58, midway through the half. Carleton kept matching Alabama basket for basket and would go onto to defeat the Crimson Tide, by 11-points, 83-72.

From Carleton University

I was curious who Carleton lost to before notching their first win (against us). Turns out they lost to the Fightin' Illini in OT on 8/31 (74-72) and Villanova on 9/1 (61-46).

I don't know what to make of this to be honest.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

College basketball teams overseas

I didn't know so many school were flying to Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Europe to play. I know it gives the teams more practice, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of this. Despite my objections quite a number of big time basketball programs are participating in overseas practice. I guess it's another step to gain an advantage.

Multiple links from this link on

Saying that, if the Crimson Tide decide to go to Cancun for practice I'd probably make the trip to observe myself.