Monday, September 03, 2007

Canada tour update

I've been swamped so if this is a day late and a dollar short... :P

First the good news... Alabama beat the U of Ottawa 104-80 on 9/1. I believe the team plays them again 9/3 (probably already over). Earlier in the day, they beat Canada's McGill U 97-88. If I find more links besides the one I'll add them.

Results 9/2
Carleton came out strong and matched Alabama the entire first half. Carleton went into the intermission with a two-point lead, 36-34. In the second half, spurred on by the crowd of cheering students, the Ravens built a ten point lead at 68-58, midway through the half. Carleton kept matching Alabama basket for basket and would go onto to defeat the Crimson Tide, by 11-points, 83-72.

From Carleton University

I was curious who Carleton lost to before notching their first win (against us). Turns out they lost to the Fightin' Illini in OT on 8/31 (74-72) and Villanova on 9/1 (61-46).

I don't know what to make of this to be honest.

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