Saturday, October 27, 2007

UGA's Felton dismisses leading scorer Brown

To make up for my lack of updates lately I'm bombarding you with stuff.

Losing Takais Brown doesn't mean Georgia's upcoming basketball season is lost.

That was the word from Bulldogs' men's basketball coach Dennis Felton on the eve of dismissing Brown, the team's leading scorer and most proficient inside player, for an unspecified violation of team rules.

"It's NOT a significant blow in that the guys that are going to be here playing for us are the ones that obviously we can rely on because they're willing to do all the things that go into being a part of this team and being a Georgia Bulldog," said Felton, reached by telephone during a team retreat at Lake Oconee Friday evening. "And from a sheer sense of practicality, we do have a collection of front-court players that I'm very excited about."

Felton remained mum on the reason or nature of Brown's dismissal other than to say it was for "violating team policy" and confirming that it was unrelated to Brown's recent suspension for breaking rules of the athletic association's new academic responsibility policy. Brown was one of three Bulldogs already suspended a combined total of 30 games for the start of the regular season, which begins Nov. 9. Guard Mike Mercer (15 games) and Jackson (6) were also suspended for unexcused absences of class and/or tutorial and mentor appointments.

"I'm dismissing because of team policy," Felton said. "I know that people would like to know and I can understand that but I'm not able to share why."

Rest can be read from the Add this to previous Felton suspensions and you got a team that's going to struggle. As I've said before I have a lot of respect for Felton... his rules are hard and fast and there's no middle ground. It might cost him his job though.

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