Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bama Basketball Season Has Officially Started

The good news is that Coach Nick Saban is in the process of fixing the Bama Football program. The bad news is that the early stages of that process are going to be painful. Since Bama will not be playing football on January 1st, there is no reason for every Bama fan out there not to drive to Coleman Coliseum January 1st to attend the Clemson game. The roads will be empty. The drunks will be asleep and the football junkies will be glued to their t.v. sets. We will have the state to ourselves, so let's all come out to support The Tide.

We have games Monday and Friday night this week. Family obligations will keep me at home Monday while I listen to the game on the radio (assuming the local station doesn't go dark again like it did last week), but I will be in Coleman Coliseum both this Friday and next Friday to get my first, first-hand look at the new edition of The Tide.

Come and support Bama Basketball. I will see you there.

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