Wednesday, November 14, 2007

GREAT espn article by Jay Bilas on how the college game has changed

The early entry of so many of the game's best players has robbed college basketball of its mature talent. In the "good ol' days," we could watch a talented freshman class mature into seniors, and into an experienced machine out on the court. Tim Duncan didn't put up significantly bigger numbers from his sophomore to his senior years, but the way he put them up was magnificent and a joy to watch for anyone who truly loves and appreciates the game.

Well, the days when teams of juniors and seniors -- most of them future pros -- littered the landscape are over. We have a younger, less mature and lesser game as a result of the most talented players bolting college early for the NBA draft.

Already, talented freshman have made an immediate impact on the game. Michael Beasley of Kansas State scored 32 points and grabbed a Big 12-record 24 rebounds in his first game. Derrick Rose of Memphis has wowed us with his Jason Kidd-like ability. UCLA's Kevin Love dominated in his first game. Eric Gordon of Indiana, Kyle Singler of Duke and several others have established themselves as players worthy of immediate national recognition.

The rest can be read here (If you read just one link on this blog this is one to read).

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