Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hendrix leads Tide to big win at Mercer

90-83. Gee added 16 and shot well (up to the last 5 minutes). The D shut down Florence as he was miserable from the field.

A win on the road is always a good thing. I caught bits and pieces of the audio so I can't be as detailed as I'd like to be. If someone can add more feel free to.



Anonymous said...

I was at the game...Here are some thoughts I posted on another site...I edited out the points that had nothing to do with the game.

1. It was kind of cool to see a college basketball game in a high school gym.

2. Overall, this was a very good win for us. Mercer is a decent team that will have a shot at the Atlantic Sun.

3. I'm sure some yahoo will bitch about our perimeter defense, but we did a pretty good job in this area. When you shoot as many 3's as they did, you are going to hit a few.

4. People can bitch about CMG all they want (and I've done the same), but Mercer's coach had about the worst gameplan for us that I could imagine. It's as if he didn't even watch film from the Troy game. They put absolutely no pressure on our guards all game. Even late in the game when they pressed, it was just a full court man to man, they never went with the 2-2-1 that we had so many problems with against Troy.

5. Senario had a great game in front of his home crowd. That was good to see.

6. While Hollinger played turnover free ball and played pretty good defense, I still wish we would have let Rico get SOME playing time. If he struggled, pull him back out, but he's going to have to play for us at some point on the road this year. Better to get that experience at a Mercer rather than at a Kentucky.

7. Torrence, Tubbs, and even Hollinger did a good job on their #0, who lit up USC.

8. Thank God Jemison's injury doesn't look too serious. If we lose him, we have no depth down low. Jemison plays bigger than his actual size, moves well without the ball, and always seems to get in position to make a play. He's not a superstar, but a very solid contributor. We need to get more out of Yamene.

9. Hendrix cannot be stopped. Huge difference when he comes out of the game.

10. We did a great job of changing between the man and zone, and I liked the fact that we played more man this game. The defensive intensity was there.

11. Gee was able to make some outside shots. That's the key to his game, as it opens up a lot of opportunities for him when they have to play tight against him on the perimeter.

12. The only negatives as far as I'm concerned...late in the first half Torrence and Gee decided to get very sloppy with the ball, throwing it all over the court and commiting a few turnovers right before halftime. Also, everytime we got the lead up to 10, we weren't able to put them away and they would make a run and get back into it.

13. At one point in the 2nd half they cut the lead to 2. So many times on the road I've seen us lost momentum only to never get it back...I was afraid they would take the lead and cruise on past us, but we called a timeout, kept our poise, and stretched the lead back out to double digits. This isn't something we've done much of in the past, so maybe that's a good sign.

14. Their whole set up was a joke. Crappy, analog scoreboard with no stats. Their jumbotron consists of a projection screen that is lowered to show a pregame intro video (in which all the seats are empty for all of the highlights). They had "Mercer v. Alabama" T-shirts made up. Their gym was in a building that also housed their version of the Ferg food court (with a grill place, internet cafe, subway, and chick fil a), and their rec center. Their students had a bunch of classless signs...For example, "Buck Fama," "Gottfried Got Fired after shocking loss to MERCER!" and my favorite, "win or lose, at least we don't sleep with our sisters." I told the guy holding the last one, "dude, we're in freaking Macon, Ga...have you seen some of the people in this town...you can't tell me there's no inbreeding going on over here."

16. That was by far the ugliest dance team I've ever seen, and their uniforms consisted of a cheap looking halter top and blue jeans. Of course, most of them I would not have wanted to see in anything less. Also, white people don't need to be attempting to do a step show at halftime.

18. The late night drive home sure is a lot better after a win. Heavy fog in east Alabama, plus I got pulled over in Cleburne County (and didn't get a ticket), and still made it home by 1 a.m. "Sweet Home Alabama" is overplayed, but there's something about hearing it come on the radio at about the time you cross the state line or come into your hometown on the way home from a road win. Any other time, I turn the channel, but in this instance, I turn it up.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks for that...

You pointed out something that we're been far too used to... when a team makes a run at us in the past the team folds up like a cheap tent. It's nice to see our guys regroup and take control.

I'll make my comments about Macon in the Mercer-Bama recap.