Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ranking the SEC from first to worst

I'll try to update this weekly. Let me start off with a preseason SEC list:

1) Tennessee- the odds on favorite to win the SEC.
2) Arkansas- gets the nod over Kentucky as they have better talent.
3) Kentucky- Tubby didn't leave a whole lot for Gillispie.
4) Alabama- despite what CMG says, this team can compete for the SEC title.
5) Mississippi State (M$U)- let's see how much or little the loss of the Delks and Goodridge make.
6) Florida- something tells me they'll be top 3 by the end of the year. For now it's a brand new team so they start here.
7) Vanderbilt- I predict they'll stay middle of the road all season long.
8) Auburn- some say Lebo's Tigers could be a sleeper NCAA pick.
9) Georgia- Felton's hardline stance might cost him his job. Before all the suspensions they were a potential NCAA team.
10) LSU- looks like another long year for the Brady bunch.
11) Ole Miss- Andy Kennedy is going to have to work magic for them to compete.
12) South Carolina- Dave Odom is prepping his Cocks for another NIT championship run... maybe not.


travis said...

"M$U" That's amusing coming from a fan of team caught paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a football player.

bobbyjack said...

Touchy... geez.
Be happy you got a better return than we did with Means.

Alias said...

Gee, travis, didn't we see you here last year? I could have sworn I received exactly that same comment from an anonymous poster last season. Thanks for at least identifying yourself this time.

As for the "M$U" tag, I denied it until I could not do so any longer. I did the same thing with api and it's football team. But when Terry Bowden identified Pat Dye's bag man and the same individual was identified as an officer (Secretary/Treasurer?) of Chett Williams Ministries, it became too difficult for me to deny reality.

What no amount of money seems to diminish, however, is the good job that Coach Rick Stan$field does at M$U or the quality of the rivalry that has developed between our two schools. M$U packs Coleman Coliseum every year when their team visits. I still say it's because they support their team and not that it's their only chance to get a hot bath in mid-winter has some have suggested.