Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rico Pickett Expected Start At The Point In

Monday's exhibition game. It's posted here on So I guess I'm wrong again. I hope that means that Pickett has been progressing very well and not that anything is wrong with Torrence. I have heard from several sources that Pickett would be the guy to follow immediately behind Steele at the point, but those people thought it would happen next year. Given my friends overly optimistic assessment of incoming players recently, I have been reserving judgment on Pickett. But, as Coach Saban says, "It is what it is."

We will have to see whether this prediction bodes true and, if so, what it means. Or as I like to say, "Time will tell."

If anyone attends the exhibition game please either give us a report here or email one to me. I will be glad to post it and clearly identify the original author.

Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

I hope Pickett is the answer at the point.

Anonymous said...

well i love rico cause hes my brother and he is the answer to the point