Saturday, November 17, 2007

SEC Hoops ranking

1) Tennessee- they continue to bulldoze inferior opponents.
2) Florida- actually here because of Arkansas and Kentucky faltering.
3) Alabama- good win at Mercer.
4) Vanderbilt- You just don't go into Toledo and expect to win... well, actually you should.
5) Arkansas- slipup against Providence unexpected. Actually they looked like crap.
6) Mississippi State- home loss to Clemson... too early to say if Clemson is better than advertised
7) Georgia- despite half the team on suspension they're still unbeaten.
8) Ole Miss- to be honest, 7-10 are about the same.
9) LSU- almost lost to McNeese St. That would've been embarrasing.
10) Kentucky- they lost to Gardner-Webb. They sit in the bottom 3rd until they beat someone.
11) South Carolina- undefeated and still shooting for another NIT title.
12) Auburn- they beat Bama... State. Still they barely survived that and an ugly loss to Tulane is still there.

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