Sunday, November 25, 2007

SEC Hoops Ranking

1) Tennessee- losing to the real UT (badly) made me think about dropping them, but at least they lost to a ranked team.
2) Vanderbilt- one of 2 unbeaten teams left in the conference. They haven't played anyone yet... we'll know more about them in the next 2 weeks (Ga Tech and Wake coming up).
3) Arkansas- beat 2 cupcakes... moving up as the rest of the SEC can't seem to win. Missouri coming up next.
4) Ole Miss- undefeated still and probably should stay that way this coming week.
5) Florida- bad loss to FSU, but remember this is essentially a new squad from last season.
6) Georgia- miserable 2nd half did them in at Wisconsin. Being that 1/2 the team is suspended only having one loss is and accomplishment.
7) Kentucky- they've been slaughtering cupcakes since the Gardner-Webb debacle. UNC comes to town 12/1 so we'll see how far they've come.
8) MSU- 2 losses to ranked teams. Still not sold on Clemson though.
9) Auburn- forget the names, they've won 2 in a row on the road. Tough games coming up at GW and West Virginia... a split would be impressive.
10) Alabama- we lost to Belmont and barely escaped the fighting Eustachys. Next up... at A&M... uh oh.
11) South Carolina- tough loss at NC State. Still, they're the worst team in the SEC East right now.
12) LSU- getting good experience in Maui... they should be better for it. At least they beat Chaminade.

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