Monday, November 05, 2007

Sluggish 1st half... monster 2nd half as Tide beat down Lions

99-71. Hendrix with 18 points to lead the way, Riley and Jemison with 10 boards each (and double figures in points), and Pickett with 11 assists to go with 13 points.

Stats here.

I'm sure some were shocked at how close the game was at halftime... what I'm impressed with is how the team came out in the 2nd half. Total domination. A 26-0 run put the game away.


Unknown said...

So, it appears we still have a few kinks to work out.

bobbyjack said...

Plenty of kinks... but overall I can't complain. If the 1st and 2nd half performances were reversed no one would've said a word.

I wouldn't read too much into this game.

Anonymous said...

I would not read too much into it either, but alcrtide was very impressed with Pickett. I still have not seen Pickett play so I am reserving judgment, but perhaps we have found an answer at the point after all. alcrtide also said that Torrence played well, and that is good news too.

Anonymous said...

I'm very encouraged by the point guard play(or stats really. I didnt see the game). 21 points and 16 assists from the point guard spot is a good sign.