Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Troy Trojans stats pack...

...of sorts. They demolished West Alabama 112-76. Read about it here.

Stats pack

Former great Alabama guard Justin Jonus plays for the Trojans now so you know he'll be fired up to stick it to us. I doubt he does, but CMG teams in the past have had problems with slow white shooters.

Looking at the boxscore of their game against West Alabama, they took 44 3pt shots... a little more than 1/2 their total shots. Uh oh... hopefully we shored up the beyond the arc D. Also, everyone that played logged 10 minutes or more so I have to assume they'll run at least 10 against us.

Prediction: Everything points to this being a game that's too close for comfort. Alabama by 7... clinching in the final minute.

Gametime is 7PM CST Friday 11/9.

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