Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bama Bests Bears

in what sounded like a lackluster game. BobbyJack and DJC attended the game live at the Orleans arena in Las Vegas. Back here in Alabama it's a good thing we had Chris Stewart at the michrophone because no television stations or networks carried the game. On second thought, maybe I should be glad I did not see this one.

Box score

Perhaps Missouri State is a good basketball team. I don't know. We should know more by the end of the year. Still I was not particularly impressed with Alabama's performance in this contest.

To their credit Alabama never gave up. Well, they never gave up for the rest of the game, but they did seem to go on cruise control three or four times: sleep walking on defense and forgetting how to find and hit an open shot. Yet again Bama's defense gave up a career three point shooting night to a player who apparently could not even spell those words before this game. The good news is that he went only 3 for 3 outside the arc. I have no idea how that impacted the 14% average he had coming into the game.

Bama let the Bears complet 57% of their shots from the field. That will not win many games.

The things I did like about this game? Everybody contributed. Hendrix had a career high 30 points and Gee had 17 or 18, all but two coming in the second half. Gee went into a shell on both ends of the court after earning his third foul (one of his patented over the back calls), but one of our coaches must have done a good job with him because he came back to life in a big way. Hollinger hit two big three point shots down the stretch after his man collapsed on Hendrix to try to slow down the big man. Credit Hendrix with the well earned assist on both shots.

Torrance and Riley scored near the basket. Jemison got into early foul trouble and was not able to make his typical contributions. Kudos to Coleman who played solid defense allowing Hendrix to earn some well needed rest.

I'll take a sloppy W over a pretty L any day. The good things out weighed the bad tonight. The team continues to play hard. CMG and his staff keep putting them in a position to win. (As alcrtide told me earlier today, Alabama is one of the best teams in America for about 36 or 37 minutes per game. Too bad we can't find a way to speed up the game clock.) The kids suffer lapses, but they have yet to fall asleep for an entire game. Again, credit CMG and his staff for that.

It's a win and I'll take it. I looked for a box score but could not find one. If BobbyJack is reasonably sober after taking all the Orleans' money at the black jack table, perhaps he will post one for us later.

Hasta man~a. (Sorry, I don't know how to make the tilde work on this key board.) Roll Tide.


bobbyjack said...

If there were 300 fans at the game I'd be amazed. I know more wanted to go, but for some inexplicable reason the Orleans Arena wanted to charge for a 2 day ticket only. I saw a number of Bama fans (including most of the group I was with) turn around to hit the casino.

Thanks to DJC for the ticket... otherwise I might of tried sneaking in or bribing a security guy.

I'll post some pictures and more observations tommorow afternoon... hopefully.

MSmilie said...

Yes, it doesn't seem like the event was properly planned (is this the first year it's been done?) by the low crowd turnout and lack of television (at least air the championship game).

I am really surprised Iowa State beat Purdue. The BIG 12 is having a remarkable non-conference run so far this year. Hopefully Bama can put together another win tonight. Roll Tide!

Anonymous said...

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