Wednesday, December 12, 2007 ranks the SEC HCs...

Gottfried is #4. I think they read our ranking the SEC coaches list from earlier this year. I demand royalties :)

Commentary on link:
I have no idea what this guy's been smoking, but some of his explainations are waaaaay off. For instance, Brubaker says that Felton has had talent to compete at UGA. Where was this talent?

For reference, here's the link for our rankings.

Slow week for news... things will pick up next week.


Anonymous said...

I dont think the Tide played that hard last year. They did well considering all of the adversity though. And I don't see us making the tournament like that link said, but hey, I always see us having great years and we always underachieve so who knows, maybe things will flip this year.

bobbyjack said...

I didn't think the team played consistently hard last year either... just another of the "waaay off" comments by Brubaker.

As bad as the SEC is this season... and it borderline sucks... if we can pull of 9-7 and a trip to the SEC semi I think we're in.