Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crimson Cruiser Crushes Colonials

Well, sports fans, the entire blog was at the game tonight. Hville brought his lovely wife. DJC was escorted by beautiful Brandi. (Please don't tell me she spells it with the ordinary "y" because the young lady is anything but ordinary.) BobbyJack's baby boy earned the blue ribbon for cuteness. And Alias, well he was the guy who had to drive the longest just to be the first to post his game report. Based on the company they were keeping I guess the other three guys had much better things to do with their evening than play on the Internet.

The score and box score tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this game. Bama jumped out to an early lead thanks largely to Rico Pickett's feeds and Richard Hendrix's soft hands and sure shot. When GWU tried to stop Hendrix, Pickett fed the ball to Gee. Riley started slowly so when Gee picked up his second foul with about 8 minutes to go in the first half, MY Man Hollinger lit up outside the arc hitting five of his six three point attempts and earning high scoring honors for the first half. Bama led 51-29 at intermission and things only got hotter in the Colonial kitchen when Gee returned for the second half. Hollinger passed up several open threes so Gee decided to take them instead.

Bama committed several turnovers against GSU's press and got beat back up court three or four times. To his credit, CMG has learned to bench a player for letting that happen. He even had to bench Brandon for that once.

The officials stats credit Pickett with only four assists, but I think he had that many in the first five minutes. Rico played well and rapidly is showing why he has been earning the start at the point. Torrance is giving him a run for his money though. Mikhail had ten assists in 15 minutes of play and only one turnover. The defense was focusing on the players underneath the basket until Torrence drove the hoop for two left handed lay-ins. After that he was open to drive and dish.

Bama's defense was more than serviceable. GSU's game had been to shoot threes but Bama shut those down tonight. The effort was good. The players were unselfish. There was no apparent diminution in focus or intensity after the weekend in Vegas. Things continue to bode well for Bama.

We still do not know whether this will turn into a pretty good basketball team, but they certainly are heading in a better direction than last season's squad did. I continue to be encouraged but fall short of optimism. The team is gutsy, unselfish and plays with purpose. I can hardly wait to see how they do against Clemson.

Maybe the real students of the game will give you some hard information after they wake up Sunday.

Roll Tide!


Alias said...

I've tried to correct the spelling and to complement this post with information about Tubbs' and Hollinger's play. Bad weather keeps interrupting my Internet connection and I keep losing the information every time I type it. The same thing happened last night. I will supplement this later if no one else fills in those gaps.

bobbyjack said...

Tis alright... I'll fix it :)

Good to meet you... wish I could've met for lunch with you guys. Maybe next time.

DJC said...

You are right about the spelling of Brandi's name, and the fact that she isn't ordinary...which can be good at times and bad at times ;-)

Even though we ended the game without too many turnovers, we looked sloppy against the trap. GW used both a full court and half-court press that seemed to give us a lot of trouble. I think Rico is the best option at PG. Torrance had a good game, but the team just seems to play better with Rico in there, in my opinion.

I'm guessing Tubbs lack of playing time has been due to poor shot selection in the last two games he saw significant minutes. He looked gun shy the few minutes he got to play, and even passed up some open 3's.

We've now put together 3 good halves of basketball. Clemson will be tough, but this is a winnable game at home. We need to keep it up.