Saturday, December 08, 2007

Crimsons Crush Colonels

Alabama finally enjoyed a breather of a game for the first time in several seasons. Nichols State simply was outmanned at every position. They played hard and well, but this game was evidence that sometimes one team just is that much better than the other. I'll take that as a good sign coming out of the ATM and Georgetown losses.

Here's a quick Box Score. Bama enjoyed balanced scoring, committed few turnovers, shot the ball well and shot 80% from the free throw line. It also might be the only chance the walk on kids get to play this year. Let's hope they carry some of the confidence generated by this win into Las Vegas with them.


Hville said...


Did you ever decide on those tickets for me?

Alias said...

I've emailed you several times. Have you not received the emails?