Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Experience Edges Enthusiasm

Alabama fought hard and played about as well as it could, but Georgetown's experience and poise won the game for them down the stretch.

Edit- Box score

Richard Hendrix was a force underneath the basket, especially in the first half, and Mykal Riley provided an outside threat that kept the Crimson in contention. Justin Knox got in early foul trouble, but Yamene Coleman grabbed six rebounds and harassed the Hoya's big men underneath the basket effectively enough to throw off their tempo until the last few minutes of the game.

Bama lost this game at the free throw line again, but give Georgetown credit. They made the big plays and the big shots when they needed them. Alabama was not able to do that during the last four and one half minutes of the game.

Alabama's defensive effort was good again. Georgetown got three or four open threes late in the game when Bama's guards ran in to give help when the Hoya's Hibbert got the ball underneath the basket. Bama's guards could not hustle back in time to cover Hibbert's outlet pass for the open three.

CMG continued to show improvement as a floor coach. He made effective timeout calls and substituted liberally. We never saw Hollinger at the point, probably because of the Hoya's size and athleticism. I also wondered why we did not see Pickett at the point a bit more. Torrance looks most at ease in transition, but he did try to make a few moves toward the hoop tonight.

The better, more experienced team won the game tonight. Bama continues to show improvement. They continue to look like a disciplined team, they just are trying to find their identity while mastering the fundamentals. CMG continues to do a better job than I think I have seen in years past of controlling the team and not letting things get out of hand.

Perhaps the stats sheets will reveal something more instructive. I was disappointed to come so close just to lose the game but the team acquitted themselves well against a formidable opponent for the second time in a week. Maybe they will beat the third one.

Roll Tide!


DJC said...

Good post...I was surprised Hollinger did not get any playing time. Jemison continues to get in foul trouble. Yamene played about as well as he is capable of. Riley seems to have come out of his slump. We actually made some huge perimeter shots against a great defense. Hendrix more than held his own against Hibbert, but when Hibbert was in the game and Hendrix was on the bench, we had some troubles in the paint. Still, Yamene did a good job of picking up the slack where he could when Hendrix wasn't in there.

Georgetown just has so many weapons, you have to pick your poison. We chose to take away the low post game, and they burned us from the 3 point line in the final 2 minutes. You aren't going to beat a top 5 team when you consistently miss from the front end of 1 and 1's from the free throw line. Our free throw shooting is a joke right now, and we won't win many close games until it improves.

Torrance played one of his better games at the point. He had a huge turnover late in the game, but otherwise looked more comfortable in the half-court offense than he has all year.

At least we didn't get humiliated on national television like our friends to the east. Lebo's band of midgets are an embarassment to the SEC right now. Anyway, great effort tonight, if we can improve our free throw shooting, we will be alright.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks Alias.

I caught the 1st half of the game and thought we played well. Hendrix played Hibbert well, giving him different looks and did a great job of denying him the ball in the 1st half.

Agree with DJC... can't win if you can't hit the FTs.

I'll add the box score to the post.

MSmilie said...

Good game. The guys played great defense and appear to be taking baby steps on the perimeter (due to Riley steeping up in the last two games).
Georgetown is a legitimate top ten ten, and if Bama can go toe to toe with them for 37 minutes, I think it bodes well for the future if the team continues to improve.
The PG play is improving slowly. Pickett and Torrance did some good things at times. I still think Pickett is the ultimate option at that position though I'll admit that Torrance played his best game of the year so far.
The perimeter as a whole continues to be the most pressing concern. With the exception of Riley in the last two games (and even he started off slow) the team has received virtually no production from the back court. I thought Tubbs played badly last night, just my opinion. He defended well, but he also took some poor shots as well.
Hendrix's play against Hibbert is one more sign that he is going to have to make a tough decision at the end of the year. Gee played under control, which I liked, but he also disappeared down the stretch.
All in all though, I'm confident the team will continue to improve throughout the year. I think they could be a really good team by the end of the year.