Sunday, December 23, 2007

Iowa State stats pack

Most of us expected to be playing Purdue in the championship game. I'm surprised.
Anyways... here's the stats you've been dying to read.

Iowa State comes in at 7-4 riding a 4 game winning streak. They did lose a close one to mighty Drake (79-44), but things have turned around since then.

The stats:
- 44% FG
- 29% 3PT FG
- 68% FT
- +1.2 rebound margin
- 13.5 turnovers per game

4 guys come in scoring 10+ PPG. Bryan Petersen and Rahshon Clark are the guys to watch from beyond the arc while freshman Craig Brackens (6'10") and senior center Jiri Hubalek (6'11") bang it inside.

Prediction- Hendrix is going to have a harder time dominating the paint so we need the guards to step up. I look for another good game from Gee and hope Riley finds his range. Alabama by 6.

I think there's going to be a bigger crowd tonight... as I was leaving the game I saw quite a few Iowa State fans lining up to get in. I'm back in the ATL so DJC is going to have to harrass the officials on his own :).


MSmilie said...

Good win for Bama in Las Vegas. The thing that struck me listening to the postgame on the radio was Gottfried begging people to come support the team.
This team is playing their butts off and Bama fans need to stop worrying about football (I saw a poll the other day where 83% were more concerned with football recruiting, for God's sake) games being played in lovely Shreveport and get behind this team and help them make a push.
I now live in Texas so, obviously, I can't make every game, but I'd be there every game if I could. If the team is going to put forth the effort it's been putting forth, the least people can do is put forth the effort to support them.

Roll Tide

bobbyjack said...

Agree... I know there's some valid concerns about the way we're winning, but truth be told we're where I expected to be recordwise sans the loss to the Belmont race track.

I'm really liking the effort by the players... they're "getting at it" harder than previous years teams. This was a critical week for this year's team and IMO they stepped it up big time.