Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ranking the SEC- week 4

Or is it 5... I didn't check. Anyways...

1) Tennessee- keep pounding overmatched foes to the ground.
2) Vanderbilt- needed double OT to beat USA, but still undefeated so they stay here. Also, a good win against Ga Tech.
3) Ole Nutt... Miss- undefeated and it feels so good. Might be better than most thought (including myself).
4) Arkansas- good win against Missouri. Still, flopped with Ole Miss... for now.
5) Florida- FSU loss might've been the best thing to happen to the roster.
6) Georgia- gritty squad... how long they get by on grit is anyone's guess.
7) Auburn- moving up despite not playing.
8) South Carolina- they did obilerate Campbell so that counts for something.
9) Kentucky- there's no shame in losing to UNC, but being blown out of the building at home? UK fans will find a way to blame Tubby Smith for this.
10) LSU- only here because the 2 below look dreadful.
11) Alabama- late 3s by Tubbs and Riley send the SELA game to OT... was this trip necessary.
12) Mississippi State- wasn't this supposed to be their return to the NCAA year?

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