Sunday, December 09, 2007

SEC Rankings week 5

1) Tennessee- keeps on chugging along. Chattanooga did play them tough.
2) Vanderbilt- still undefeated with a final non-conference test at Depaul.
3) Ole Miss- a good win at UCF. Is it smoke and mirrors or does Andy Kennedy have a solid team in Oxford?
4) Arkansas- the kings of Missouri. Should go into conference play with one loss as going to OU just got easier (Sooners lost to SF Austin at home).
5) Florida- they should get Vitale's cupcake scheddule of the year.
6) Georgia- impressive beatdown of Wake Forest. How is Felton winning with this ragtag bunch?
7) South Carolina- the only SEC winner in the SEC-Big East challenge. Four losses at this stage isn't great, but all of the losses were competitive and to probable NCAA tournament squads.
8) Mississippi State- they beat up SELA. A 3 game road trip starting next week should be interesting.
9) LSU- despite the serious choke job against Nova, they're getting better.
10) Alabama- tough loss to Georgetown and blowout of Nicholls State. Did I mention we're playing D?
11) Kentucky- losing to Indiana isn't bad... getting run out of the building is another thing.
12) Auburn- no excuse in getting hammerred by West Virginia. I guess the Weagles are back where they belong.

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