Sunday, December 16, 2007

SEC Rankings Week 6

1) Vanderbilt- Edges Tennessee for still being undefeated.
2) Tennessee struggled with Western Ky in Nashville. The loss of Crews might be tougher on them than I thought.
3) Ole Miss- Andy Kennedy keeps on winning.
4) Georgia- Still amazed how they're winning.
5) Florida- struggled against Ga Southern. Growing pains maybe... or they're just not very good.
6) South Carolina-on break... might be the best thing for them.
7) LSU- hammerred NWSt.. I guess that counts for something.
8) Arkansas- should they drop this far for losing to Oklahoma on the road? Maybe not, but they nosedive anyway. OU did lose to SF Austin at home.
9) Alabama- Wofford coming up next (who lost to Elon). This is a critical week in Bama hoops if you ask me.
10) Auburn- Southern gave them a game. Not good.
11) Kentucky- losing to UAB in Louisville? They borderline suck. BTW- did anyone else see Walter Sharpe in that game for UAB... what could've been.
12) Mississippi State- loses at home to Miami and on the road to USA. Maybe they shouldn't have run off the Delk twins.

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