Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SEC Rankings week 7

1) Tennessee- winning at Xavier is huge.
2) Ole Miss- winning the PR tournament by beating previously unbeaten Clemson is impressive. They might be for real folks.
3) Vanderbilt- why did they slip to #3? More because UT and Ole Miss had big wins.
4) Alabama- winning the Las Vegas Classic wasn't a shock, but it was impressive.
5) Florida- while I don't think Ohio State (beat UF 62-49) is any good, I can't think of a reason to put another SEC team in this slot at this time.
6) Auburn- well... they didn't lose this week.
7) LSU- pummelled at Wichita State. Oh my.
8) Arkansas- embarrasin home loss to App State. They don't play D evidently.
9) South Carolina- they lost to Baylor... wow.
10) Kentucky- at least they broke their 4 game losing streak.
11) Mississippi State- winning 2 in a row on the road is a start. They're too talented to have 5 losses already.
12) Georgia- currently in the outhouse after a dismal performance in Hawai'i.

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