Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tide Tops Terriers

I could not attend the game because I have a trial today. My older daughter is home for Christmas and I had to work on a computer project for her after the game so I will not have time for a lengthy post. I did want to get the byline up, though. I find it more entertaining than most of the game was.

Wafford's 10 first half threes were well earned but still due to Bama breakdowns. CMG evidently keeps Riley on the court for his offensive punch. He cannot keep up with his man on defense. Sure, some of those threes were from 5 or 6 feet outside the arc, but if you know they can hit them you have to go out there to cover them. Riley also needs to learn not to force his man outside and not to give him a straight shot at the basket. Several of the freshmen have this problem, but Riley is a senior.

Gee played well. He hustled on both ends of the court and only got out of control a couple of times. I have been pleasantly surprised with his play.

Torrance needs to learn to make the best of his opportunities. I really like the kid as a player and athlete but I saw him defending an under the basket, in bounds play last night with about as much enthusiasm as King Tutt's mummy which has not moved in over three thousand years.

Someone needs to teach this team to spell box out, because none of them knows how to do it.

Like the man said, this team is scrappy but not very good. Scrappy but crappy? Nah. Not that bad. But they can continue to improve if they keep playing with this much effort.

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