Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your UTPA stats pack

That's the University of Texas Pan American for those that didn't know. Click here for their season statistics.

They're 6-7... losers of back to back nailbiters to Tulsa (90-61) and Drake (83-55) and a 1st round loss in the Vegas Tourney Monday to Missouri State (64-53). They should come into Coleman with an abundence of confidence. Ok, not really.

Brian Burrell is the guy to watch, only because he shoots more 3s than anyone else on the team. Zack Trader is their "big" guy (6'7") who probably gets to guard Hendrix... who should have a monster game unless they triple team him (which is possible). The other shooter to worry about is Paul Stoll... he's hitting 3s at a 39% clip.

The stats:
- 45% FG
- 35% 3PT FG
- 72% FT
- Rebound margin -5.6
- 13 turnovers per game

Prediction: Man do we need an easy win. This is probably our best chance the rest of the year for one. Maybe the 575 fans (which is still more than UTSA averages at home- 442) at the game tonight might see action in the waning minutes... who knows. I fully expect to see 12 get minutes. Alabama by 16.

Side note- PLEASE... someone step up and take the PG position. Torrance, Pickett, or Hollinger... one of you need to step up and take it.

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