Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another ugly game... another loss...

... UGA wins 61-54 and it was never in doubt. Yes I realize we got to within 4 late, but let's be honest... no one thought we were going to come back and win. I didn't and if you did I suspect it was due to the influence of cheap alcohol.

Box score for those that care.

I'm going to be brutally honest... I am indifferent to this loss. I remember the low of the Hobbs era and IMO right now rivals it. Something has to change and quick or this team is going to end up 4-12 in conference play (or worse). Coleman Colesium might be mistaken for a home UAB football game if this team continues to underperform the way it has been so far this season.


Anonymous said...

I chose NOT to listen to this game 'cause I knew we would lose and I didn't really care. That's sad but it's now reality...the same feelings I had during the last few years of the Hobbs tenure. I doubt there's any "serious" bama basketball fan that still supports CMG. Yet, I hold out no hope for a change this season 'cause I doubt the AD really cares about basketball. Plus CMG can use the excuse of Steele coming back and a great recruiting class to get another year. Given the potential of next year, it's the main reason we need a change now.

Alias said...

Is it over?

Can I come out now?

MSmilie said...

With all that is happening in the world today, it strikes me as odd that I take Bama's current slide so seriously. It's just basketball, after all.
But sports is a happy distraction for many of us. This time of the year is my favorite because I'm a big college basketball fan. It's even better when Bama is playing well, or at least being competitive.
I watch and have watched a lot of basketball and I seriously can not think of a major college team that has ever played with less passion than this bunch. The last five games have all been important games for the program, and this team has not responded.
I know they don't want to lose, but do they want to win bad enough. In college basketball, talent alone is not going to carry you. It takes passion, a love for the game, team work and the responsibility to do what it takes within the rules to win games.
It's only happened twice this year - the second half of the Iowa State game and the George Washington game - and that seems far away at this point.
I have never felt less confidence in a Bama team than this one. I truly have no confidence now they'll win another game.
It's definitely tough being an Alabama athletics supporter these days. You listening, Mal?