Sunday, January 13, 2008

Arkansas stats pack

Next to us, I probably know more about the Razorbacks than any other team.

We just got a stats pack, we just got a stats pack, we just got a stats pack, I wonder who it from? If you got the reference... you're welcome.

I think you know that they're a big team (4 guys that see the floor over 6'10"), but ironically they rely more on their guards to score. Beverley and Weems log the most minutes and are #1 and 2 in scoring. Steven Hill and Darius Townes (seems like they've been there for a decade) clog the middle, Gary Ervin sometimes handles the PG duties (he's not very good so Beverley handles the point as well), and Thomas and Washington also pound it inside. I have no idea why Welsh plays as much as he does, but that's Pelphrey's decision not mine.

Offensive stats:
- 48% FG
- 32% 3PT FG
- 68% FT
- +6.9 rebound margin
- 17 turnovers a game

Defensive stats:
- 41% FG
- 30% 3PT FG
- 17.5 turnovers per game
- 5.7 blocks per
- 8.3 steals per game

Prediction: Unless we all of a sudden get hot from the 3 point line I don't see us being in this game for more than 30 minutes. Too much size, too much talent, and it being a road game spells a possible beatdown in Fayetteville. Arkansas wins comfortably.


Unknown said...

Not a fantastic start.....

DJC said...

Turnovers and we can't hit a free throw...we're lucky it's this close, they've missed some wide open 3's.

bobbyjack said...

Man this is an ugly game. Good thing the Hogs are taking as many bad shots as we are.