Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chicago State stats pack...

... because we really want to erase what happenned on Tuesday. Chico St stats pack for all!

What do I know about Chicago State? They're in Chicago and they suck at basketball. Otherwise, I know nothing about them.

The stats:
- 42.6% FG
- 37.5% 3 PT FG
- 68.3% FT
- 18.5 turnovers per game
- rebound margin of -3.7 per game

Prediction: After an embarrassing 2nd half against Clemson I fully expect someone to pay for it. Might as well be Chicago State. Alabama by 22.

Side note- I've browsed messageboard (to quote the great Richard Marx, "I should've known better...") and see that firing CMG is now (again) the "thing" to do. IMO those conversations should be reserved for later on in the season. It's not happenning now. Ask again in March and maybe the answer is different.


DJC said...

I read the Chicago Tribune Sports section online everyday. (I'm also a huge Cubs fan, along with the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears to a lesser degree). I go to Chicago about twice per year. Before I saw Chicago St. on our schedule this year, I didn't even know they existed. I do remember seeing one article on them this year following their loss to Cleveland State. I couldn't even tell you exactly where their campus is located.

If we struggle with this bunch, we've got serious problems.

MSmilie said...

Not so fast. They've got one of the top ten scorers in the nation, shoot the three well, and have a shot-blocking big man. Besides, with this Bama team, who knows what you're going to get?
I'm hoping the team took the loss Tuesday seriously and will be focused and intense tonight. They need to regain some confidence heading into the Florida game.

DJC said...

They are 4-9 and lost by 30+ to Illinois State. They suck.