Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Defensless Demise of De Tide

Alabama allowed a very young Gator team to score 90 points in Coleman Coliseum. Is there any need for me to tell you which team lost this game?

I could point out that we would have won this game IF Hendrix could shoot 75 percent from the charity stripe. I could point out that we might have won walking away IF Riley could have bought a bucket outside the charity stripe in the second half. I could point out that we would have won this game IF our guards (we have about 20 of them on this team!) had not made 5 lazy passes. I could point out that we would have won this game IF our kids had any idea how to beat the press on a consistent basis.

Instead, I think I'll let the man who is responsible for running our program make those excuses for himself. Instead, I will point out that a well coached team does not consistently make those types of mistakes against decent competition.

While I'm at it, weren't Alabama fans expecting to see our guard rich team press opponents this year to try to set up the transition game? Why did we not press the Gators' freshman guards the entire game?

I will give the kids credit for effort. Gee and Hendrix played well. Pickett played well in the first half. Riley's man scored about half of Florida's threes because he does not know how to stay in his position. I think Gee's man probably scored about a third of them for the same reason.

I have yet to see any evidence this season that the coaches know how to coach defense. They do tend to force some steals, but it seems like the majority of those have come in the first half of each game. It also seems that they force them with their hands and not with their feet.

I do not know how to coach basketball, but when a thing is this broken even I can identify it. I am not sure there is enough time left for Coach Gottfried to put the wheels back onto this team. I hope he can. I'm just glad I did not drive seven hours to see another debacle like that Clemson game.

Good luck!

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bobbyjack said...

I'll look for it later, but how on earth did Hendrix get so bad at the FT line. He wasn't always this bad... was he?

(Still biting my tongue)