Tuesday, January 01, 2008

DJC, you plagiarizing SOB! ;-)

I've warned you before about preempting my alliteration shtick. If you were a real fan you'd drink six beers in Tuscaloosa before making the 45 minute drive back to your house. You know it takes me at least 3 1/2 hours to drive home after each game. Just for that, I'm going to burn the rest of my tickets so I can listen to the games on the radio and get my posts up before you do! That'll teach you! ;-)

Other than the obvious plagiarisms, your post is excellent and I agree with every word you and BobbyJack posted, including the part about you being in Coleman Coliseum alone because I am not going to drive that far for that crap but one more time this season.

The team played so poorly tonight that the 12 year old girl behind me was shouting stuff like, "At least try!" "This is embarrassing!" "Who's suppose to guard No. 22?" "Stay with your man!" "Mooooove!!!!!"

With all deference to DJC, I already had decided that the Tide's so-called performance tonight did not merit the effort to come up with a catchy by line. I had in mind something more like: "Pathetic? Embarrassing? No. Disgusting! Ahh, that's the ticket!" And that's only because I'm not sure anything more derogatory than "SOB" can be posted on the blog. (I'm still not sure it can get past the blog censors.)

I would like to add a couple of ideas to what already has been posted. I thought the biggest difference in the game was our guards. Their guards (heck, all their players) covered Bama's kids like fly paper. If CMG and his staff do not know how to teach defense, then they should just show their team a film of this game and tell them "Do that." Clemson's guards were all over our guards, in their faces, swatting at them with their hands, playing belly up, and still able to match all their moves. Our guards play off their man, seldom harass the ball or the dribble, and still cannot adjust to the offensive player's moves. A good coach should be able to teach his players what part of a man's body to watch to get a feel for which way he is going to move.

As a follow up to that first thought, our kids need to be told not to let the dribbler get the ball to the base line. None of our guards or forwards knows how to do that. Perhaps the problem is that the team does not know how to deal with screens and does not know how to give effective help when a teammate is taken out by the screen so they over-defend toward the lane, but they still do not know how to defend the lane effectively either.

Any decent coach could watch film from any of our games the past five years and show their kids how to deal with the "help" afforded by our forwards and centers when a guard has to go around a screen. Our "helping" player will take a half step toward the dribbling guard, make a cursory hand wave (never an earnest swipe) toward the ball, then chase down his original man (who probably is standing ready to receive the pass so he can shoot an open three point shot from the corner). This leaves both the guard and the forward uncovered for a brief time. It also allows the guard to wheel around and dribble right up the lane. If the post player has taken Hendrix well outside the lane like Clemson did last night, the guard gets a layup. Otherwise, a forward comes open underneath the basket when Hendrix or Jemison comes over to harass the guard.

Do any of our coaches know how to say "block out"?

With everything else that went wrong, I wonder why CMG never tried to employ the zone when this game started getting out of hand. I know Clemson had a kid or two who was hot outside the arc, but Riley and Torrance defend against the three better when they are rushing toward a shooter from the zone. Oh yeah, now I remember. Bama's kids forgot to put their hands up on defense tonight.

Why did Jemison never try to hit his 10 foot jumper tonight?

There is no excuse for that sort of performance. I know the team is young, but I think we have man who is responsible for recruiting and keeping good players. I won't belabor that point right now. I'd rather focus on the concept of playing with their feet and not with their hands.

I've said all season that I was willing to live with losses due to bad technique for one more season so long as I see the requisite effort. We did not see that the last 10 or 15 minutes of this game.

A good coach would use this as a learning tool to help his players understand that they need to learn to become mentally and physically tough if they don't want to be embarrassed when they go to class the next day. A great coach (does the name Roy Williams ring a bell?) would run their legs off the next day. I guess we are about to learn, once and for all, whether Mark Gottfried is a good coach. I hope he is.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

...and I just spent $100 to order the ESPN full court package to watch this crap? Great recaps of the carnage but no one has yet to mention how damaging this loss was to our now slim NCAA tourney hopes. We end the non-conf portion of our schedule without a quality win, unless Iowa St or Mizzou St does very well in their conferences. Our only top 100 win was against Wofford. Take a look at the link to Ken Pom's RPI page. Bama is still 4th best in the SEC at 72. The SEC is really bad according to the RPI rankings. I think we have to go at least 10-6 in SEC to have a chance. We must beat UT and Vandy at home and at least spilt with Ole Miss. Anything short of this and we'll need to win the tourney...laughing hard...

Alias said...

RMHT, I am too depressed about today to think about tomorrow where Bama Basketball is concerned. Thanks for making me feel so much better. :)

bobbyjack said...

"no one has yet to mention how damaging this loss was to our now slim NCAA tourney hopes. We end the non-conf portion of our schedule without a quality win, unless Iowa St or Mizzou St does very well in their conferences."

Barring 10-6 and a decent run in the SECT the only tournament this team is playing for is the South Carolina Invitational. Getting blown out by Clemson and losing to the mighty Belmont race track at home isn't going to earn us "style points" in the NCAA torunament committee's eyes.

Alias said...

Thanks, BobbyJack. I am even more depressed now. At least I should be able to start focusing exclusively on cycling by the time the Tour of California starts in February. Oh yeah I almost forgot, cycling is plagued with constant reports of doping violations.

Maybe I should start reading books again. That used to be fairly painless.

MSmilie said...

I really felt confident after Bama's run through Las Vegas and the blowout of GW. The game Tuesday was shocking in how it played out. What a step back for the team.
I really believe the program and CMG are now at a crossroads. The game Tuesday was one of those games that can be the beginning of the end for a coaching staff.
Not that I think Gottfried will be fired this year, but if he misses the tournament for a second straight year, then there is going to be an unbelievable amount of pressure on him next year to not only return the team to the tournament but make a deep run. I think it's imperative that he finds success with this team this year to avoid that.
I was a fan of Gottfried's hiring and I continue to support him because of the positive things (and there are many) that he has done for the program. However, I can't defend Tuesday; it was just awful.
Looking ahead: I'm interested to see if this team comes out with intensity Friday night. They should win over Chicago State but I'm interested to know if this team is going to lay down as they did in the second half or they're going to get with it and try to regain a little confidence heading into what is shaping up as a must-win game at home against Florida.