Thursday, January 17, 2008

SEC Rankings week 10

I'm late on this, but it's really ok.

1) Tenneessee- a "friendly" officiating staff gave them the win against Ole Miss.
2) Ole Miss- played the Vols tough... officiating was the difference IMO. Beat the Gators last night so they're 4real.
3) Vanderbilt- loss at Kentucky was surprising, but in a weak SEC they're pretty much #3 here until the Gators prove something.
4) Florida- close loss at Ole Miss.
5) Mississippi State- they're playing really good ball right now.
6) Auburn- Lebo is getting the most out of his ragtag bunch.
7) Georgia- they beat us... like everyone else so far.
8) Arkansas- how did they lose to South Carolina?
9) South Carolina- can they build on the win at Arkansas.
10) Kentucky- big win vs Vandy... tough loss at Miss State.
11) Alabama- we suck.
12) LSU- they suck even worse... right now.

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